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Why Do We Use Iron Oxides?

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Iron oxides have been used in the cosmetic industry. Since the early 1900s as natural, inexpensive, and durable pigments. They can be found in anything from eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascaras, to blushes, face powders, hair dyes, and lipsticks. You know how rust has that deep red/brownish shade? Well, that shade is what gives your favourite oxblood red lipstick its colour.

Iron oxides that are created during the process of oxidation come in a wide variety of earthy tones and shades, not just reds and browns. Think in terms of deep yellow, fire orange, and even black. These colourful fine powders are all classified into three main colour groups: yellow, colcothar (or red), and black iron oxides.

One of the main reasons why these compounds are used in makeup and beauty products is because they give the products rich and intense colour. Another reason is their admirable staying power. Iron oxides are resistant to moisture, and when this feature is transferred to makeup, you get products that are long lasting (you do not need to reapply every half an hour) and do not smear or bleed easily.

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