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Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment Dispersion

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Transparent Iron Oxide exhibit high levels of transparency and color strength. They are both acid and alkaline resistant, non-bleeding, non-migratory and very stable.

Transparent iron oxide pigment dispersion can be used directly, which are not required to disperse. In order to be suitable for different systems, we offer general grade, long oil alkyd grade and water based grade transparent iron oxide pigment dispersion. They are widely used in wood coatings, automobile coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings, architectural coatings, artist colors, high temperature glass ink etc.

Transparent Iron Oxide are extremely small particle sized iron oxide pigments. The product range contains yellow and red, high transparent products as well as semi-transparent, easy dispersible grades. Applications are wood coatings for outdoor use and automotive effect coatings. Their strong UV absorption gives additional protection to substrate and binder.

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