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Tile waterproof color

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Tile adhesives rickety hazards arising

Wall construction and other parts of the different, because gravity for, tiles and other produce relatively large drooping force. Tile adhesives are not strong, poor students will be hollowing phenomenon, and even produce out of brick, a serious threat to people's safety.

Tile adhesive force mainly by three aspects:
1, waterproof layer and adhesion layer of cement mortar and friction.
2, cement mortar or tile adhesive waterproof layer adhesion and friction.
3, cement mortar or tile adhesive and tile back bonding and friction.

Enhanced leveling layer and waterproof layer bonding properties of friction and good selection of Tile waterproof color, reinforced friction is key:
1. smooth leveling layer needs to be done, it can not be too smooth. The leveling layer made smooth, save Tile waterproof color, and apparent enhanced waterproof, but the smooth surface of a fault, is not conducive Tile waterproof color penetration and engagement, to the subsequent construction and security.
2. As the screed done quite rough, so do not worry waterproof layer adhesion and leveling layer and friction problems. The key lies in the strength of the waterproof layer and waterproof layer of cement paste with tile mortar or tile adhesive binding capacity.