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The Uses Of Iron Oxide

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Iron oxide is a chemical compound that is made of oxygen and iron. Iron is a metallic element that is found in approximately 5% of the Earth’s crust. When iron oxidizes, or rusts, colors such as yellow, orange, and red are created. A large amount of the chemical appears on the planet Mars, which is known as the “Red Planet.” Mars appears to be red because its crust is composed mostly of it.


The cosmetics industry uses the product to create various pigments in make-up. Because it is non-toxic, water repellent, and it does not run or bleed, it is an ideal additive to cosmetics such as mascara, foundation, and eye shadow. There are two different types of compounds used in the cosmetic industry: iron oxide II which has a black pigment, and iron oxide III, which is red.

In the art world, it is used to create pigments such as burnt sienna and burnt umber. This method of creating pigments in paint colors has been used since the prehistoric age. The cave paintings at Lascaux are an example of how long this compound has been used in the creation of art.

The different pigments of this compound are used to dye such things as paint, concrete, leather, shoe polish, tiles, and rubber. Brown pigments can range in color from a light brown to a coffee color brown. Red pigmentations range in color from a deep orange to a deep red.

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