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The market growth obviouly of Iron oxide

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According to the latest market analysis of the report shows that in 2015 the global iron oxide market size of about 1.83 billion US dollars. The growing demand for the construction, coatings and plastics industries is driving Iron oxide product manufacturers to continue to invest in this area.

Asia-Pacific and the Middle East construction industry growth is expected in the next 8 years to continue to promote the Iron oxide industry growth. Favorable government regulations will further promote the combination of environmentally friendly products and technological advances, and will have a positive impact on the growth of the iron oxide market.

Raw materials used in the production of synthetic iron oxide products include nitrobenzene and cast iron. Among them, nitrobenzene in other industries in the range of applications is expected to increase its price, as an intermediate in the pesticide products, polishes, solvents, dyes, deodorants, lubricants, synthetic rubber and other products are Has been applied, so this factor is expected to enhance the production cost of iron oxide.

Synthesis of iron oxide is the most important species

Iron oxide industry, including natural products and synthetic products, and have a wide range of applications in the market, such as construction, plastics, coatings, ceramics, ink, rubber, cosmetics and so on.

Synthetic Iron oxide is the most important species in the market in 2015 due to its excellent purity and quality. While natural products are expected to grow more rapidly over the next eight years due to their low price and ample supply.

Synthetic Iron oxide production process path, such as precipitation, calcination, Laux (Laux) and Penniman (Penniman), technology advances and increased demand for environmentally friendly products, is expected to continue to drive the current production process keep improving.

Iron red pigment is the focus of development

Iron oxide has different colors of products, such as red, yellow, black, orange, brown and so on. Red iron oxide is the most widely used market and has the largest demand compared to other color varieties.

Lox process is the most important technical route for the production of iron oxide red pigments, but this process technology needs to be improved, so some well-known manufacturers can lead the market with technology.

In the coatings industry, the application growth will be the fastest

Iron oxide is used in many industrial products for colorants, including construction, plastics, paints, paints, paper and so on.

In the plastics industry, iron oxide can give products color features, including food packaging, vinyl sheet, home computers, auto parts, fenders, soda bottles and toys.

The building materials is the 2015 Iron oxide the largest application market, and product requirements, especially in the field of concrete.

In addition, Iron oxide in the paint and coatings market is expected to be the fastest growth rate in the field of coating applications, Iron oxide also need to keep the film strength while constantly optimizing the coloring effect.

Asia Pacific maintains a leading position in the global market

The Asia-Pacific region is dominating the global iron oxide market, accounting for 41.7% of global consumption in 2015, due to growing infrastructure and rapid industrialization, particularly in China and India.

In the next eight years, growth in iron oxide production is expected to remain relatively stable in Europe due to reduced infrastructure activities. The iron oxide industry in the Middle East and Africa is expected to grow at a significant rate, particularly in countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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