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The main purpose of iron oxide pigments

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1, Iron oxide pigments in various types of concrete prefabricated parts and building materials as pigments or colorants, directly into the cement application. A variety of indoor and outdoor colored concrete surface, such as walls, floors, ceilings, pillars, porches, pavement, parking, stairs, stations, etc .; various architectural ceramics and glass ceramics, such as tiles, floor tiles, roof tiles, panels , Terrazzo, mosaic tiles, artificial marble and so on.

2, Iron oxide pigments for a variety of paint coloring and protection of substances, including water-based interior and exterior coatings, powder coatings, etc .; also apply to the oil paint, including epoxy, alkyd, amino and other primers and topcoats; In the toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoresis paint and enamel.

3, Iron oxide pigments Suitable for coloring of plastic products, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and rubber coloring, such as automobile tubes, aircraft tubes, bicycle tubes and so on.

Iron oxide pigments are widely used in industries such as construction, rubber, plastic and paint, especially iron red primer, which can replace high-priced red lead paint and save non-ferrous metals. Is a high-precision grinding materials, used in precision metal instruments, such as optical glass polishing. High purity powder metallurgy is the main base for the smelting of various magnetic alloys and other high alloy steel. Ferrous sulfate or iron oxide yellow or iron mixed by calcination at high temperature, or directly from the liquid medium.

5, Iron oxide pigments in the building materials industry is mainly used for color cement, color cement tiles, color cement tile, imitation glazed tile, concrete tiles, color mortar, colored asphalt, terrazzo, mosaic tile, artificial marble and wall paint; The paint industry is mainly used to manufacture a variety of paints, coatings, inks. In other industries, such as ceramics, rubber, plastics, leather and other optical paste used to make coloring agents and fillers.

6, Iron oxide pigments for paints, rubber, plastics, construction and other coloring, in addition to iron oxide pigments can also be used for various types of cosmetics, paper, leather coloring.