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The inorganic pigment red

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Color from purple to orange-red. Good resistance to rotation, high temperature, good resistance to dirty gas, alkali, color strength, hiding power, low price. It is prepared by coating fine, rust can play a physical role, can be used for a variety of anti-rust primer, paint can also be used. The drawback is intolerant of acid, colors with black, not bright.

Because red iron manufacturing different ways, resulting particle size and shape are different, the iron red color from red to yellow transferred purple hue change, we need to choose different shades of Iron oxide red pigments according to the different requirements of coatings.

The Iron oxide red particles to the ground when ≤0.01μm, hiding pigment in the organic medium decreased significantly, this is called transparent iron oxide pigments, used to make transparent paint or metallic paint, than the use of organic dyes better color retention.

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