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Properties of Iron Oxide

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Iron Oxide has many different forms. Some of the phases are the Alpha phase, the Beta phase, Gamma phase, and the Epsilon phase.

In the Alpha phase, its most common form is as a Rhombohedric, and its occurrence is as the mineral hematite. It is ferromagnetic at all times except for at low temperatures, when it is then antiferromagnetic. Depending on many different factors, like particle size, magnetic field intensity, and pressure, its magnetic properties are different. You can also easily prepare this in the liquid phase using both the precipitation and the thermal decomposition phases.

The Beta phase is cubic face centered or metastable. This can be converted to the alpha phase when it is heated at any temperature over 500 °C.

The Gamma phase is cubic, metastable, and can also be converted to the alpha phase by using high temperatures. The natural occurrence of the gamma phase happens as the mineral maghemite.

The Epsilon phase is rhombic and has properties in between the alpha and the gamma phases. It has never been prepared in pure form yet since it has always been mixed with the alpha phase or gamma phases.

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