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Plastic and rubber pigment

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Plastic and rubber pigment has excellent physical and chemical properties: hiding power, high-colored, soft colors, has a good inter-batch color consistency, uniform particles; non-toxic, odorless, alkali and acid having a weak acid certain degree of stability; excellent light fastness and weather resistance, insoluble in water, with excellent fade resistance and UV resistance; little sieve residue, low water-soluble material.

Plastic and rubber pigment mainly powdery red, orange, yellow, green, black, brown and other colors.

The pigments specifically for plastics, rubber and industrial design and production, suitable for: polyolefins, vinyl resins, ABS resins, polystyrene, polycarbonate, nylon and POM plastic, rubber and asphalt color toner or fillers. Customers can also request the production and manufacture of special products.

Product dispersion, storage stability, and application of the system of the organic component miscible, high temperature. Can enhance the anti-aging and UV resistance of the body.

Because your customers use conditions beyond our control, hence, we strongly recommend that you re-use before our official product, the necessary application tests, we are dedicated to provide you with color and consistent performance of the products, in order to minimize your risk of loss.

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