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Special Anti-rust & Function Pigment-Micaceous Iron Oxide

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Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) is processed and production by high quality natural iron glance, non-toxic, tasteless, both excellent anticorrosive property, also with good conductivity and thermal conductivity, anticorrosion, wear-resisting, thermo-stability, strong adhesion, cost effective; given its unique flake structure and higher cost performance, MIO currently is the most outstanding antirust pigment and anticorrosive medium in industrial anticorrosion coating. For quite some time, MIO are widely used in high durable anticorrosion coatings system, coordinate with a high quality epoxy resin, its coating service life can reach above 15 years long, are the most important constituent part of the international anticorrosion coating formulation system. At present, we can provide various types of products which can be applied in various application fields.

Product Performance & Application:

Micaceous iron oxide (MIO) especially suitable for high durable anticorrosion coatings system, as use of intermediate paint of epoxy micaceous iron oxide.
For other kinds of anticorrosive industrial coatings.
It can also be used in magnetic materials, glass industry, pearl pigment field etc.

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