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Laser Printer Decals

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Iron oxide, a common colorant in clay and glaze is also prevalent in the toners of many laser printers. Hewlett Packard ink cartridges, for instance, contain up to 60% iron oxide. Iron oxide helps the toner hold its magnetic charge on the printer’s drum. The iron oxide, heat-resistant enough for the laser printing process is also resilient enough to handle the high temperatures of a ceramics kiln. The toner’s other pigments and fillers burn off, leaving the iron oxide to decorate the ceramic piece with rich dark brown designs.


Create a print-ready document with desired images.
Print from laser printer onto decal paper (remove tissue paper if any is attached; print on the shiny side).
Cut out image from paper close to the edge.
Dip image in bowl of water and wait till paper softens.
Slide the image off its backing paper and onto your ceramic piece.
Insure decal image is flat against glaze-fired ceramic piece (no bubbling or puckering).
Fire in an electric kiln.

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