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Iron oxide red production process

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Iron oxide is commonly used in industrial production of coloring agent, mainly for the paint and pigment industries. Iron oxide in iron oxide red, iron oxide green, iron oxide brown, yellow iron oxide and other colors of dyeing materials to meet the requirements of different colors. Iron oxide red is the largest use of iron oxide, it is a red powder, the scientific name of iron oxide, the following describes Iron oxide red production process.

From a professional point of view to introduce Iron oxide red production process:

To obtain a stable iron oxide red, must use iron oxide powder solid purification technology, using washing, grinding and other solid purification technology.

After the iron oxide powder from the iron oxide silo through the negative pressure gas from the original acid regeneration station sent to solid purification between the first-class screening tank, after the primary screening of gravity into the washing tank, washing tank access to pure water , So that the iron powder mixed with water into iron slurry, and then gravity into the two screening slot, two sieve out of the iron slurry slurry gravity flows into the stirring tank, stirring through the iron impurities in the water to fully dissolved , Stirred tank mud slurry pumped to the filter press dehydration, dehydration after the mud cake to send people shaker to separate the fine particles into the drying furnace drying, drying and then sent to the vibration of the ball mill grinding to achieve the finished product requirements , And finally through the negative pressure gas transport to the Iron oxide red warehouse packaging Sinotrans.

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