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Iron Oxide Red Is Widely Used In Ceramic Indury

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With wide colour spectrum, odorlessness, non-toxic, low price and other features, Iron oxide red is widely used in many industries, including the ceramic industry. With the development of ceramic industry, the dosage of iron oxide pigment is growing up year by year. In ceramic industry, the most famous hares-fur glaze, tea-flake glaze, rust coloured glaze and partridge strip glaze are all made of iron oxide red with different formula and baking method.

We increase the investment of research in iron oxide for ceramic industry, and make a good achievement in application, physical property and other principles. We have produced a series of excelent products, which has good thermal endurance, stable color, uniform glaze and smooth surface. For the choice of color, iron oxide shade distribute from light and dark. In the aspect of heavy metal content, we achieve very low standard(Pb≦1.0mg/l Cd≦0.10mg/l), which is far below national standard. With all the advantages above, iron oxide red is well received in the ceramic material market, and the stablity, practicality and durability is fuly affirmed.

Iron oxide pigments have more than 40 years successful history in the concrete pigments application fields, which can be called high-performance product worldwide. The colour inorganic pigments produced worldwide are mainly used in the manufacturing the concrete production, such as paving stone, roofing tile, sidewalk.etc. Moreover, its finished product-chromatic concrete can make the ground present varied tinct,  patten and texture, to delineate any pictures as people wants. What’smore, it can easily realize the idea that to make the construction and cultural environment and nauture as one.

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