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Iron oxide pigment industry development must grasp the circular economy

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Iron oxide pigment industry is a part of industrial areas of the whole national economy. The upstream of iron oxide industry is chemical industry, steel industry resources, the material resources of the iron oxide industry consumes more than 95% of the production of basic raw material usage. So saving resources, full using waste of resources, developing new resources and renewable resources, working closely with the department of metallurgy, sulfate, titanium, steel and other resources department, has become a long-term task of the iron oxide industry to develop a recycling economy.

In recent years, with the integration of resources consumption industry in China, preventing resources excessive waste, has also impacted on the development of iron oxide pigments industry. In order to better develop the whole industry, the iron oxide industry should sufficiently utilize self advantage, rational use the waste of upstream industry, developing the whole iron oxide industry as part of circular economy, shifting from resource consumption industries to the circular economy industry, this will be future inevitable development trend of the iron oxide industry

Toda United IndustrialZhejiangCo., Ltd has been working on the sustainable development of iron oxide pigment industry over the years, using modern equipment and technology to improve the technical progress of iron oxide production , completing the technology design of iron oxide continuous production with low emission, and achieves the requirements of the development of low carbon and environmental protection and energy-saving, basically achieving the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction and a circular economy.