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Iron Oxide Pigments/Colourants

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The product range contains black and red sub-micron iron oxides of standard grade and deagglomerated types (micronized iron oxides), the corresponding to the micronised synthetic iron oxides.

The products compare favorably in colour and tint strength with opaque synthetic iron oxides available from the leading world-wide producers, at the same time being especially low in the content of heavy metals than the overall commercially used synthetic iron oxide pigments.

All our products are suitable for food contact and toy application according to the existing regulations.

A number of iron oxide pigments comply with the stringent requirements set out by EN 12878 for steel reinforced applications, category B pigments. The certifying body is (SP) and the products carry all the CE conformity markings.

The term ”Advanced Natural Iron Oxide Pigments” has been introduced for the range of iron oxide pigments in order to separate the products from the normal natural iron oxide pigments alleged being inconsistent in colour and quality*.

Deagglomerated (micronised) Iron Oxide Pigments

The iron oxide pigments are formulated for special requirements of a modern paint and thermoplastic industry.

The products are suitable for conventional solvent borne systems and water based paints. Low oil absorption is obtained by a special milling process which creates a narrow grain size distribution and almost spherical (polygonal) grains. Low oil absorption is an important measure in the manufacture of VOC-reduced high solid coatings and high solids tinting systems and inks. The extremely low content of water soluble salts is suggested to be reponsible for the high durability and good weathering performance of the iron oxide pigments.

The deagglomerated red iron oxide pigments are formed from thermal processes thus represent thermo stable calcined red iron oxides.

The pigments offer substantial benefits over conventional synthetic materials.

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