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The formation mechanism of iron oxide nanoparticles

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In order to analyze the formation mechanism of iron oxide nanoparticles, we measured the heat flow of precursor with temperature, and TEM images and AC susceptibility of aliquots samples sequentially taken from the reaction solution, respectively.

The thermal decomposition of two OL-chain from produced the Fe-OL monomer, which were contributed to the formation of iron oxide nanoparticles. In the initial stage of nanoparticles formation, the small iron oxide nanoparticles had structure. However, as the iron oxide nanoparticles were rapidly growth, the iron oxide nanoparticles showed -FeO core-shell structure which the FeO layer was formed on the surface of nanoparticles by insufficient oxygen supply from the reaction solution.

These nanoparticles were transformed to structure by oxidation during long aging time at high temperature. Finally, the nanoparticles with high saturation magnetization and stable in the air could be easily synthesized by the thermal decomposition method.

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