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Deqing United pigment signed an agreement with Henan billions, to jointly build Chinese largest iron oxide pigment Enterprise

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Recently, Toda United affiliated Deqing United Pigment Co., Ltd. and Henan Billions Chemicals Co., Ltd.  signed a cooperative agreement, which will cooperate to establish China's largest production base of iron oxide pigments. The joint venture factory integrates cost advantage of Henan billions and technical advantages of toda united , absorbs and integrates the present chemical technology development of our country, uses modern equipment and technology to improve the technical progress of iron oxide  pigment production , complete the technology design thinking of iron oxide pigment continuous production with low emission, and achieves the requirements of the development of low carbon and environmental protection and energy-saving. The project will basically complete the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction and circular economy, and it is a great pioneering work of milestone in the iron oxide pigment industry, which is expected to produce 120 thousand tons of iron oxide pigment above, and will change the situation of China's existing iron oxide production.


Henan baililian Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chemical enterprise  focusing on manufacturing titanium, zirconium fine powder.It is a national high-tech enterprise, and one of the national 500 strong enterprises in chemical industry, and it is China's largest titanium dioxide export enterprise. Its main business is titanium dioxide, zirconium products, sulfuric acid and sulfate salt etc., and its titanium dioxide reached 12 million tons, exports  ranked first in the country for three consecutive years.