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Iron oxide black Properties, Usage, Production

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Chemical Properties
Black or dark red powder. Insoluble in water, alcohol, dissolved in concentrated acid, hot strong acid.

1, Iron oxide black pigments and polishing agents used for paints, plastics and building the surface coloration.
2, the black inorganic pigment. Widely used in inks, watercolors, oil paints, paint, architectural coatings, building materials colored.
3, Iron oxide black in electronic telecommunications industry for the manufacture of magnets, and the role of alkaline battery cathode plate, the machine used in steel manufacturing flaw.
4, Iron oxide black used in metallurgy industry, iron is an important mineral raw materials.

production method
Using ferrous sulfate oxidation. Stirring to a solution containing ferrous sulfate 150g / L was added sufficient 30% sodium hydroxide, so that 40% of the precipitation of iron as Fe3 + (OH) 3, while the 30 ~ 35 ℃, through air oxidation of Fe2 + to Fe3 +, pH value is reduced to 3.5 from 6 to form nuclei. Added ferrous sulfate (14 times nuclei), adjusted to pH 4 with sodium hydroxide, and then at 80 ℃ drum air oxidation, and then dried to obtain a spray-type iron oxide goethite. The converter is placed in the iron oxide, containing 20% ​​of water vapor through the hydrogen flow, was heated at 425 ~ 450 ℃, and then in air containing 10 percent nitrogen stream at 100 ~ 150 ℃ heat treatment to obtain a ferrous oxide containing 28% Iron oxide black pigment, the particles of 0.7μm length and width and 0.5 m, a specific surface area of ​​8m2/g, coloring power up to 180%.

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