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Hematite Powder / Iron Oxide Red

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Naturally found in rocks of all ages. Stubby, black crystals. Very heavy. Usually anti-ferromagnetic. It is also available as a synthetic product.

Iron oxide red, Ferric oxide, Fe203, Iron(III) oxide, Jeweler's rouge, Iron sesquioxide, Anhydrous iron oxide, CAS 1309-37-1, Red ochre, MIL-I-706A, Specular iron, English red, Mars red, Iron trioxide red, Indian red, Alpha-ferric oxide, Alpha-iron oxide, Anhydrous iron oxide, Anhydrous oxide of iron, Blended red oxides of iron, Caput mortuum light, CI 77489, Colliron, Colloidal, ferric oxide, Diiron trioxide, Eisenoxyd, English Iron oxide red, Ethiops iron, FEO, Ferric Oxide, Ferric oxide hydrate, Ferrosoferric oxide, Ferrous oxide, Ferrox, Gamma-ferric oxide, Hydrated ferric oxide, Hydrous ferric oxide, Iron ferrite, Iron monooxide, Iron monoxide, Iron Oxide, Iron oxide (Fe203), Iron oxide (Fe203), Iron oxide (FeO), Iron oxide red, Iron oxide/ dust and fume, Iron oxide/ spent, Iron oxides, Iron sesquioxide, Iron sponge, spent, Iron trioxide, Iron(2) oxide, Iron(II) oxide, Iron(II,III) oxide, Iron(III) oxide, Iron(III) oxide, aerosol, Iron(III) oxide, Natural iron oxides, Natural wuestite, Iron oxide red, oxide red, Rouge, Specular iron, Triiron tetraoxide, Triiron tetroxide

Chemical Properties

Composition of ore= Fe203= 50- 95%. Iron content= ~65-67% with less than 2% magnetics

Purity Available: As high as 99.95%

Physical Properties

Lumps, pieces, targets, granules and various powder / particle granulations down to 0.003 microns (3 nanometers)

Typical Applications

Iron oxide red Used in coatings, colorants, rubber, adhesives, plastics, concrete, an iron ore in steel manufacture, a density media, and as a polishing rouge.

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