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Toda United develops functional iron oxide pigments for the industry trends

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As the economy developsindustrial technology level improves, people's requirements of comfortable living environment promotes, the iron oxide pigment is not only limited for the satisfaction of decoration, but also comes up with new requirements of its function. As the society develops, the functional requirements of industrial and civil use of the pigments also develops, which also require the iron oxide industry to advances with the times and meet with the requirements of the customers. Toda United advances with the times, and invents new functional iron oxide pigments adapted to varied fields. Here are some types:Paint and coating grade iron oxide pigmentnot only guarantees the decorative function with its vivid color and superior tinting strength, but also beautifies the coatings; Construction grade iron oxide pigment not only keep the inherent function of building materials, but also can enhance the working life of the coverings, improve the compatibility of the concrete, increase the hardness and radiance, and increase the artistic value of building materials; Special treatment grade iron oxide pigment comprise the heat table iron oxide pigment which has good heat stability, good dispersibility, filter pressing value < 1.5, better dissolubility with basic raw material, and reducing dissolving time, Suitable for plastic, asphalt, and steel coating;  Micronized Grade iron oxide pigment has  the characteristics of particle size < 17um,Hegmans > 7um, better color consistency between each lot, more bright color, excellenct  dispersibility, reduce dispersing time, improve production efficiency, strong tinting strength, and reduce dosage.

ZJUP®(Toda United Brand) have more than 10 years successful history in producing the iron oxide pigments and it is the third largest manufacturer of iron oxide pigments in China, with annual capacity of 55,000 tons, currently are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, South Africa, more than forty countries and regions. We are a self-confident, passionate and creative team, adhering to its service concepts of integrity to customers and a commitment to the highest standards of business growth. Through creative, dedicated and continuous development, we provide the best quality products with most competitive prices all over the world. We look forward to a long-term cooperation and mutual growth with you.