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Composite iron oxide pigments

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Iron oxide pigments is a kind of inorganic color pigments. Iron oxide pigments are divided into: red, dark red, yellow red, red yellow, purple, red and so on. Fine powder, with a high hiding power and strong coloring power, and good dispersion, its light resistance, weather resistance are very good

It can be used in colorants, terrazzo, flower-order bricks, wall ads, paint coatings, sidewalk bricks artificial marble, terrazzo and other building materials, can also be used in advertising and coatings, wood, rubber and plastics industries, Bright color, high coloring rate, plastic, asbestos, leather, leather and other coloring agents and fillers, also used for pigment ingredients. As well as precision instruments, optical glass polishing agent and the manufacture of magnetic materials such as ferrite components of raw materials.

Iron oxide pigments for the electronics industry, communications Machine, television sets, computers and other magnetic materials and line output transformers, switching power supply and its high U and high UQ, such as ferrite core.

Iron oxide pigments used as magnetic materials, pigments and preparation of reductants, polishing agents, catalysts, etc .; for pills, such as sugar coating and capsule coloring.

Iron oxide pigments used as antirust paint pigments. Because of the product made of mica iron oxide antirust paint good water permeability, anti-rust performance, can replace red.

Consumption of red pigment. Japan for red bean rice, konjac flour food. For the use of preservatives used to handle the incision of the banana to be used when the identification. The United States for cat food, dog food and packaging materials.

Inorganic red pigment is mainly used for the transparent coloring of coins, also used in paint, ink and plastic coloring.

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