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Classification of concrete color building

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Portland cement concrete is the world's leading building materials, not only as a building material, it has a certain decorative effect. Because concrete has good plasticity, can be poured into a variety of complex shapes; the mix having good mobility, traffic engineering highway, the main road can be used for pouring pavement, bridges, piers and the like; in the city road works, the main city of towel can be used for roads, sculptures and other art creations.

But the biggest shortcomings of ordinary cement concrete exterior is drab, dark, dull, gives a sense of oppression. So people try on the building of walls, floors and roof to make some appropriate treatment, the surface on Portland cement concrete has a certain color, line, texture or floral, produce certain decorative effect, to artistic design, which kinds of artistic effects? Kun called concrete decorative concrete.

Pavement concrete color, primarily refers to the white concrete and concrete color. White is a white concrete cement as cementing material, white or light colored aggregate ore, or mixed with a certain amount of white pigment preparation of concrete. Concrete color is white cement, colored cement or white cement mixing color pigments, as well as color and white or light colored aggregate aggregate by a certain percentage from the preparation of concrete. Pavement concrete color is mainly used to beautify the city roads, road traffic signs, etc., at home and abroad has been widely applied.

Pavement concrete color

In the design and construction of architectural engineering in order to make the surface appearance of the building, generally finishing renovations on its surface, such as brushing decorative coatings, decorative plates and other paving. These finishes on time and not spend a lot of material, so that the project costs increased significantly, and with the use of prolonged, often faded, peeling, peel phenomenon seriously affected the beautiful appearance of the building.

As early as the 1920s, some people study abroad will be made directly Portland cement concrete decorative materials, such as the surface of the preformed concrete blocks imitation of natural mushroom practices. 1940s, people began to develop concrete color, so that the original gray concrete into a variety of colors, color decorative concrete developed rapidly. After the 1970s, with the development of economic, technological and social development, a variety of decorative concrete continue to emerge, and promote the use in small process, evolved from the building to be applied for the middle and low-grade buildings.

From the development trend, especially in the architectural exterior decoration of buildings, the proportion of decorative concrete applications has been growing. With the increasing decorative concrete quality and performance of continuous improvement and varieties of decorative concrete applications will become increasingly widespread.

Decorative concrete decorative and functional combined into one, the structure of the construction and decoration at the same time, take advantage of the characteristics of plasticity and constitute concrete material in the wall and take appropriate measures when the molding member, so that the surface has a decorative lines, patterns, texture, texture and color, in order to meet the architectural decoration requirements, therefore, decorative concrete is also called "architectural concrete", "visual concrete."

With the development of architectural techniques of decorative concrete understanding has gradually changed. Decorative concrete mainly refers to the white concrete and concrete color. For both decorative concrete, United States, Russia, Japan and other countries have carried out a large number of experimental studies, and obtain greater success. Experimental studies have shown that substantially the same color on a white concrete and coagulation of the raw materials used, except that concrete color except white cement, aggregate production of white outside, but also the use of color and color pigment aggregate. The more pigment red, yellow, brown, blue, green and other colors.

Decorative concrete raw materials used, and ordinary concrete is basically the same, but the color of raw materials and other aspects of more stringent requirements. For a project with the cement, the same plant should be selected from the same batch of cement; the same material should be used for aggregate production source, the color of the aggregate should be consistent; color should be used for water-insoluble, and cement does not react chemically resistant alkali, light mineral pigments; water and admixtures for selection, the same as ordinary concrete.

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