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Applications of Iron oxide red

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1, Iron oxide red in all types of concrete prefabricated building materials and building materials as pigments or coloring agent, directly transferred to the cement application.

2, Iron oxide red for a variety of paint coloring and protection of materials, including water-based interior and exterior paint, powder coatings.

3, Iron oxide red applies to the coloring of plastic products, such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and rubber products, coloring.

4, Iron oxide red widely used in construction, rubber, plastics, coatings and other industries, especially iron red primer with anti-rust function.

5, Iron oxide red in the building materials industry is mainly used for color cement, colored cement tiles, colored cement tile, imitation glazed tile, concrete floor tiles.

6, It is used for painting, rubber, plastics, construction and other coloring, in addition to Iron oxide red can also be used for various types of cosmetics, paper, leather coloring.

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